• Food Megatrends – Why Beef Jerky?

    Developing food for health

    In a report, titled The Food Company of 2050, US-based Lux Research analysed start-up trends, social norms and corporate concerns to identify six megatrends shaping the food industry.

    The First ? – Food needs to satisfy a lot more than appetites.

    Whether helping a consumer’s athletic intentions, cognitive performance or another aspect of health maintenance, foods and beverages are more frequently pushing beyond just claiming convenience, enjoyment and satiety.

    Food as preventative medicine

    Lux predicts that nearly all products sold will pivot to make health-related claims, with the aim of reducing dependence on medical intervention.

    Nutrition and Nive Beef

    In recent years, the confluence of the locavore, artisan and maker movements have engendered increasing demand for meats from healthy animals that enjoy a natural, pastured life. It turns out – unsurprisingly in retrospect – that meat produced in this natural way both tastes better and is better for our health.

    Nive Beef is produced from 100% Australian grass-fed, hormone-free Angus and Charolais fusion beef, and only the most suitable beef cuts are used in our jerky to ensure a quality product, that is suitable for keto, low-carb and high protection energy requirements.

  • Flavour Profiles – just add your favourite drink

    • Pair Hot Chilli Beef Jerky with an Ice-cold Lager or a chilled black beer with a splash of Ginger wine
    • Enjoy our Thai Fusion Beef Jerky with a Light Shiraz, or a Spritzer flavoured water, to complement a fruitier flavour.
    • Nive Beef Jerky Original flavour is a clean light flavour best served with an ice-cold Ginger beer, Apple Cider or a Great Northern Beer.
    • The Heated Garlic gives you most flavour “bang for buck ” with a bold flavour – you’ll enjoy it with a full-bodied red wine, a Guinness, or an icy cold Coca Cola.

    TELL US – YOUR FAVOURITES – What drinks, foods and activities do you and your friends enjoy pairing with Nive Beef Jerky?

  • Beaches and Beef

    KINGSCLIFF is home to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. You can surf, snorkel, walk the coastal paths and then go help yourself to Bangalow pork cutlets, family-sized pies and the best sausage rolls. Don’t forget to pick up some delicious packets of NIVE BEEF JERKY at KINGSCLIFF MEAT GALLERY in Pearl Street, Kingscliff. We hear Greg’s own smoked ham is nearly as good as Nive Beef Jerky’s special family recipe! 🙂

  • ABC Highlight Doug’s recipe

    FROM THE FARMHOUSE KITCHEN – to YOU … It started in Doug and Rachelle Cameron’s kitchen at their Augathella property, Nive Downs, eight hours west of Brisbane. Doug had always loved making beef jerky, he had perfected his recipe and it was in demand. “I’ve been making jerky just at home for the kids and for friends for a while. They thought I should try and sell it.” Now more than six years later the jerky is sold in service stations and supermarkets across the country. ORDER YOUR BEEF JERKY HERE https://nivebeef.com.au/shop/ Read More here ..


    Image credit – abc.com.au
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