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The Best Beef Jerky in Australia!

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The Way It Should Be

Paddock to Plate – Nive Beef Jerky was created on a cattle property, situated in the heart of the Augathella grazing district of Queensland. We believe by using a quality fusion of grass-fed, no added hormone beef for superior flavour, followed by our unique family recipe marination and drying process, we have created an authentic jerky reminiscent of days gone by.

These unique blends of flavours originated from a beef gravy recipe that has been passed down in our family for generations. It pairs the rich flavours of soy and a blend of spices creating a full-bodied explosion of taste. All this with premium, hand-crafted, Australian grass-fed beef strips, slowly dried, to capture those distinctive flavours just “the way it should be”.


Buy from the Bush, and serve up the TASTE OF AUSTRALIA.

Send the best of Australia to your friends and family for Christmas and birthday gifts.  Luscious, full-bodied mouth-watering flavours, bursting with All-Australian country flavour, created from premium, hand-crafted, grass-fed beef strips, and slowly dried, to capture Nive Beef Jerky’s four authentic and distinctive flavours.   Order Here –  and support a farmer today!

About Nive Beef

Husband and wife team, Doug,  Rachelle, and their children are a small family beef cattle production business located in Augathella in south-western Queensland.

Great Grandma “Nin” and laid-back, hard-working “Pop” made a delicious Gravy-based marinade on their Oakey beef, lamb, and poultry farm, that has been handed down for generations.  The family beef jerky recipe, which has since been added to and improved by Doug, who is a self-confessed foodie, and loves to create delicious meals in the family kitchen.

The Nive Beef Jerky story

Doug has always been a fan of beef jerky and decided to make his own home-made jerky some years ago. Friends and family loved it, and people started wanting to buy his homemade jerky.

This prompted Doug to investigate producing a commercial beef jerky product and sharing their much-loved beef jerky to a wider audience. Knowing beef production well after 20 years, it was an opportunity to add value to the home gown beef with a premium high-quality jerky uniquely tasty and mouth-wateringly moist in the marketplace.

“It’s important to us that our children get to grow up in the country as we did,  so our Nive Beef Jerky helps sustain a more regular income than the weather can guarantee. The dry years can be very difficult.”

“It took years to perfect the recipe and have it on the shelf. I’ve trialled over 70 different recipes to perfect the four popular flavours we now offer, that seem to please a lot of different palates – Original Family Recipe; Roasted Chilli; Thai Fusion and Heated Garlic. We are exploring markets in South East Asia, where Australian beef is considered second to none, and I will continue to work with new flavours in the future – watch this space for more! “

Enjoy Nive Beef Jerky now !

There is no better time to go camping, hiking, trekking or riding than right now! The weather is beaut, and Australia is the most amazing country. Go with a mate, your family, take the dog or go by yourself as you’ll always find a mate. But go! You are helping regional Australia, and increasing your health and resilience. The best light-weight nutritious food to throw in your backpack? NIVE BEEF JERKY.

No need to refrigerate, or prepare, just enjoy and energise yourself straight out the packet! A quality fusion of grass-fed, no added hormone beef for superior moist flavour from our traditional family recipes, that creates an authentic jerky that our early explorers and swaggies would have loved too!

Upcoming Events

PARTY SEASON – Need to order your snacks in?
Foodies and Gourmet Food Lovers – Nive Beef Jerky is the perfect complement to your BBQ or cocktail party, work or Christmas party – use it as part of your antipasto platter – you’ll be delighting your guests and helping their health a the same time.  Order your Nive Beef Jerky now for Australia wide shipping on all orders. Choose your own flavours


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When meetings are getting long, and the attention starts to fade, we enjoy some Nive Beef Jerky to get the energy back up, and refocus.. It’s easy because I don’t have to prepare anything, and everyone loves the taste “ Kylie Robinson, Director,

Trucking Support Agency of Australia

This is the lightest energy food I can take on my long bike rides. To a serious cyclist, weight is everything, but you need to “refuel your tank” every 25kms. Nive Beef Jerky makes it possible for me to have enough energy through a long ride.

Grant Arthur, Strava rider

“Orcoda’s Sales and Marketing Manager Sean Hardman, former Australian and Queensland Rugby Union representative who played in the front row as the hooker with the Qld Reds in the Super Rugby competition and represented Australia internationally with the Wallabies still keeps fit, eats well and loves the taste of Nive Beef Jerky.”

Sean Hardman

Brett Kilvington is the marine surveyor that everyone needs and loves. Always helping out a stranded boatie, he often doesn’t stop to eat, but when the fish aren’t biting, he’ll open a pack of Nive Beef Jerky to keep him going. ” I had no idea Beef Jerky tasted this good! "

Brett Kilvington

Designation : Marine Surveyor

Simon McQuillan is the owner of Atlas Balance Rings, a truck-driver, and just a bit famous from his time on “Married at First Sight.” He’s interested in keeping fit and healthy and thinks Nive Beef Jerky is a real find. ” This stuff is incredible, it honestly tastes so good, it’s hard to stop; the perfect pick me up in the glove box on a long day.

Simon McQuillan

Designation : Atlas Balance Rings

At Keto Lane, you guys know we love your jerky because it’s super tasty, and the right dryness.. my partner loves it too. I like the original and heated garlic the best. Keto Lane is a very small business born out of my idea of wanting people to be able to gift keto gifts. So, I wanted my keto hampers to be the main focus. Nive Beef Jerky is an important keto-friendly part of my keto hampers.

Eva Marton

Designation : Owner Keto Lane

All-round good guy Lawrence really knows good food after years in the food distribution industry, but Nive Beef Jerky is his mainstay on the long drives between clients. ” I wish I’d tasted this years ago, this really is an amazing product, and I just love the Cameron family. They are true Aussies working hard to bring us a great fair dinkum product, despite what the weather dishes out. “

Lawrence McCabe


MICHAEL DAVIS is the inventor of Australia’s favourite Kayak Roller, and he’s either making the rollers, dropping them off all over South East Queensland or heading out for a paddle himself. He never leaves home without his NIVE Beef Jerky ENERGY PACK. “It’s the best Jerky I’ve ever tasted and the healthiest. “

Mike Davis


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