"We discovered your beef jerky during our recent travels up through Queensland. It is by far the best we have ever tried. Ordering and delivery could not be improved - everything worked very well. We purchased it as a treat for our Grandsons when they visit us over the holidays."

- Greg.

1 Kg Bulk Buy Beef Jerky

Discover the ultimate snacking delight with Nive Beef’s 1 KG Beef Jerky, crafted from the finest Australian beef. Choose from four tantalising flavours: the classic Original, zesty Heated Garlic, exotic Tai Fusion, and fiery Roasted Chilli. Our jerky is a protein-rich, hormone-free treat, perfect for health-conscious consumers. Enjoy the authentic taste of Australia in every bite, whether you’re on an adventure or enjoying a relaxing break. Experience the rich, natural flavours that make Nive Beef a top choice for jerky lovers.


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Original, Heated Garlic, Tai Fusion, Roasted Chilli

Nive Beef 1 KG Beef Jerky – A Gourmet Journey of Flavours

Embark on a gourmet journey with Nive Beef’s 1 KG Beef Jerky range;  a premium Australian snack that caters to discerning palates. Each flavour is a testament to our commitment to quality, combining traditional recipes with innovative culinary twists.

Original Flavour (Classic Home Recipe): Our Original Flavour jerky is a tribute to timeless recipes, offering a taste that resonates with tradition and simplicity. Perfect for those who cherish the classic jerky taste, it’s a top pick for a wholesome, protein-rich snack.

Heated Garlic: The Heated Garlic variant is a bold choice for garlic lovers. Infused with rich, pungent garlic and a touch of chilli; it offers a unique and robust flavour profile that stands out in the jerky market.

Tai Fusion: Our Tai Fusion jerky takes you on an exotic adventure with its blend of Thai spices. This flavour is an exotic mix, appealing to those seeking a unique, zesty snack that’s both satisfying and memorable.

Roasted Chilli: For spice enthusiasts, the Roasted Chilli jerky is a fiery delight. Balanced with a smoky depth, it’s perfect for those who love a spicy kick in their snack.

Quality and Taste Combined

Sourced from the best Australian beef, Nive Beef’s jerky is known for its superior quality and texture. Our commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients means you get a snack free from artificial preservatives, rich in natural proteins – ideal for health-conscious consumers.

Nive Beef Jerky is versatile – perfect for outdoor activities, as a nutritious snack at work, or as a tasty treat at home. Each flavour caters to different taste preferences, ensuring that everyone finds their favourite.

In summary, Nive Beef’s 1 KG Beef Jerky is more than a snack; it’s a celebration of authentic Australian flavours, quality ingredients, and culinary excellence. Indulge in this protein-packed, flavourful snack and experience the best of Australian jerky.