About Nive Beef

Produced from 100% Australian grass-fedhormone-free Angus and Charolais fusion beef, only the most suitable beef cuts are used in our jerky to ensure a quality product.

A variety of appetising flavour profiles including Original, Heated Garlic, Thai Fusion and Hot & Spicy ensure there is a flavour for all palates. High in protein and low in fat, beef jerky is fast becoming Australia’s snack of choice.


Settled in 1863, Nive Downs was over 738 square miles in size and capable of running 120,000 sheep and 4500 cattle.

It featured its own pub, post office and general store and was home to over 127 people. Divided for new settlements in the early 1960s, the original homestead block is now owned by our small family business.

We are passionate beef producers who handle our cattle with low-stress techniques and ensure our cattle are hormone-free.

Nive Beef Jerky Watch from Above

We grew up on the land and are continuing our family grazing traditions. We produce our cattle using low stress, ethical practices. To begin with, we only made jerky for family and friends. The feedback we received led us to venture into the commercial production of a traditional jerky. We can guarantee the premium quality because it is a genuine paddock to packet product.

Yes we run 1,000 breeder cows and progeny on our property, Nive Downs. Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and hormone free. We are passionate about sustainable farming and producing our traditional style beef jerky.

Doug has long been a fan of eating beef jerky. Being a bit of a foodie he decided to have a go at making his own homemade jerky, a few years ago. Having been in beef production for over 20 years we felt there is an excellent opportunity to value add our beef produced on our property. We knew we could offer a premium, high-quality jerky that would be a unique product in the market place both because of the way it’s made and the fact that we can guarantee quality from paddock to packet.

Beef jerky is a high-protein snack which helps make you feel fuller for longer. It is light and convenient to pack and stores and travels perfectly as it is dried. It is suitable for all ages, and kids especially like it.

Four very different, but delicious Flavour Profiles ensure there is something for everyone.

Our guaranteed traceable food chain from paddock to packet uses a quality fusion of Angus and Charolais beef cattle. The jerky meat is butchered by hand. Much care and attention go into ensuring that our customers experience an authentic jerky with a home-made look and taste. It’s a preservative-free product as well as free of vegetable gums and contains no fillers – so you’re buying 100% beef.

The product has a great texture as only the most suitable cuts of meat are used for our jerky and are expertly processed by our local Augathella butcher. Also, wonderful texture can be attributed to the breeds of cattle that we use. The Angus breed is well known for tenderness. Our fans say they wish they had tried our delicious Beef Jerky years ago.

Nive Beef Jerky is an intriguing texture,  it is certainly not dry and chewy, it is tender, exciting and has a piquant flavour….. we dare you to try and describe it!

Yes, it does. The great thing about dried beef is that you can take it anywhere and enjoy the convenience of a nutritious snack. Trekkers, campers, athletes, and those who work long days and nights, far from home, and even without refrigeration can always enjoy a nourishing snack to keep them going.

Nive beef Jerky is the perfect convenient and nutritious snack for busy people at work or play. If you are looking for a quick and easy, healthy alternative that is suitable for the whole family then Nive Beef Jerky is the one for you. What we’re finding is that even people who haven’t traditionally thought that they would enjoy jerky are suddenly huge fans. Our kids love it and it’s a great lunchbox snack. When Doug is out working on the property, he always keeps an emergency snack bag in the car. We even add it as a tasty ingredient to add flavour when we are cooking.


We find Trekkers, Hikers, campers, grey nomads, adventurers, tour operators, and airports retailers all appreciate the food value and convenience of this all-Aussie taste experience.




We’ve had a lot of support from hotels and butchers in western Queensland. In the cities, we are stocked by boutique breweries, premium butchers and grocers, health shops, sporting facilities and farmers markets. You’ll find Nive Beef Jerky in a whole range of outlets including ;

  • Butchers – as customers love the true meat flavours
  • Hotel patrons enjoy a cold refreshing beverage with Nive Beef Jerky
  • Many stores stock our jerky as it’s so easy –  a no chill, long shelf life, healthy snack.
  • Grocery Stores find their customers use Nive Beef Jerky in lunch boxes and when entertaining.
  • Cafes,  Service Stations, Truckstops and Tourist centres are proud to range our products.

Ask us if you would like to add our product to your range.

We offer a premium jerky product and our packaging reflects that. Our customers are quite discerning. They want a quality product that is produced ethically and is good for them. As an added bonus they can feel good about supporting an Australian family business. Our 50g packet is twice that of most jerky brands so it’s better value for money.

• Paddock to packet; A small family business oversees and has control over the entire process.
• Good potential for impulse purchases.
• Professional quality packaging.
• Australian owned and made. Australian made sentiment has never been stronger and there is no interruption to supply.
• Alternative healthy snack food product.
• All-natural; Hormone-Free; No preservatives; Low fat and low carb, Keto dietary food. – There is high growth in protein snacks in Australia.

  • The Nive Beef Jerky Story is a great story, and we market the products well and consistently.
  • Community engagement and involvement – we involve the Endeavour Foundation in our packaging process and support many worthwhile local projects.

Everyone who tastes our beef jerky has praised its quality and texture. The jerky connoisseurs say it’s delicious and a little different to other brands, and those who have never tasted jerky before are pleasantly surprised by the experience and keen to try more. Universally, customers are pleasantly surprised by the flavour and intriguing texture, with what can sometimes be a dry and tasteless product. We have hundreds of product reviews by happy customers.

Original Beef Jerky is the first flavour we perfected. This is perfect to feature on an antipasto platter or with an afternoon drink but is mild enough to enjoy all times of the day. Children particularly enjoy this flavour.

Hot & Spicy is a medium heat type jerky; the chilli warms the palate more with each piece eaten.

Heated Garlic is an earthier flavoured jerky with just a hint of chilli for warmth and a subtle taste of garlic.

A completely different and fresh take on beef jerky, Thai Fusion has elements of red Thai flavours infused with hints of lemongrass and coriander.

We are confident you will find a favourite – some customers love them all!

Watch this space – Doug is experimenting with some new flavours. He is very exacting and only the best will do !

Our little family of five is the face of Nive Beef Jerky. We are just one farming family in Queensland, sharing our love of good quality jerky with the rest of Australia,  as well as our journey through this process. Thank you for coming along with us for the ride!

Our Timeline


Major Sir Thomas Mitchell names the Nive River.

The Nive River runs through the property and was named after the Nive River in France by the explorer Major Sir Thomas Mitchell. He was the first European to explore the Warrego River and its tributary, the Nive River. He found grassy plains and soft sandy country, perfect for grazing.



Nive Downs Township is settled.

The tiny township is home to over 127 people, and had its own pub, and general store. The old Post Office is now converted to one of the children's bedrooms.



An old family recipe gets a new life

A delicious family gravy-based marinade with an unexpected ingredient, marmalade, is recorded for posterity.



Family Recipe is passed to Doug's Grandmother

The marinade is used to add zest to family dishes on the farm, which is home to sheep, cattle and poultry, and a few generations of Camerons.



The family move to Nive Downs

Doug and Rachelle are passionate beef producers who raise cattle with low-stress techniques and ensure the cattle are hormone-free. They make their home at Nive Downs. `` It is important to us that our children get to grow up in the country as we did. ``



A new flavour ``Thai Fusion`` is born. | Nive Beef sponsors Junior Rugby League.

Some 72 different recipes have now been developed and tested by Doug. Only the very best will do. Thai Fusion is developed and well-received, to cater to our increasingly internationally educated palates. Also in 2018; Nive Beef Jerky sponsors Augathella Junior Rugby League to travel to Townsville. A great opportunity for the local kids to compete in their first big football carnival.


We are happy to give back to the community through Junior Rugby League; managing and supporting young swim teams, contributing to local park upgrades, and also assisting the Endeavour Foundation with reliable longterm support to keep their special workforce employed..

Nive Beef's Community Involvement