2 Kg Bulk Buy Beef Jerky

Elevate your snacking with Nive Beef’s 2 KG Beef Jerky, perfect for bulk buyers seeking quality and value. Savour the rich, authentic flavours of our Australian beef across four enticing options: classic Original, bold Heated Garlic, exotic Tai Fusion, and spicy Roasted Chilli. This bulk pack is ideal for sharing, catering, or stocking up your pantry. It’s a protein-rich, hormone-free snack, making it a top choice for health-conscious snackers and jerky enthusiasts. Experience the diversity and quality that make Nive Beef a standout in the jerky market.

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Original, Heated Garlic, Tai Fusion, Roasted Chilli

Nive Beef 2 KG Beef Jerky – Savour the Bulk Advantage

Nive Beef’s 2 KG Beef Jerky range is designed for those who appreciate both quality and quantity. This bulk pack offers exceptional value, providing an ample supply of our premium Australian beef jerky in a variety of flavours.

Original Flavour (Classic Home Recipe): Our Original Flavour is a nod to traditional jerky lovers. It’s a perfect blend of natural beef taste and classic spices, ideal for those who prefer their jerky simple yet satisfying.

Heated Garlic: For a more flavour-intense experience, the Heated Garlic variant is a perfect choice. Infused with a robust garlic flavour and a touch of chilli; it’s a favourite for those who crave a bold, garlicky twist in their snacks.

Tai Fusion: The Tai Fusion jerky is a journey of taste, blending sweet, sour, and spicy Thai spices. This exotic flavour is perfect for those seeking a unique, flavourful snacking experience.

Roasted Chilli: Our Roasted Chilli jerky is for those who love a bit of heat. With its fiery and smoky notes, it’s a popular choice for spice enthusiasts.

Ideal for Various Needs

The 2 KG range is not just about enjoying a tasty snack; it’s about convenience and value. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, running a catering business, or simply love having a good supply of snacks at hand, these bulk packs are perfectly suited.

Crafted with Care

Our jerky is made from top-quality Australian beef, ensuring a rich, tender taste in every bite. We pride ourselves on using natural ingredients, free from artificial preservatives, catering to the health-conscious consumer.

Nive Beef’s 2 KG Beef Jerky range is versatile, fitting into various lifestyles and occasions. Whether it’s for a family snack, a party treat, or just a personal indulgence, our bulk packs ensure you’re always prepared.

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Nive Beef’s 2 KG Beef Jerky is more than just a bulk buy; it’s an investment in quality and flavour. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a protein-rich, flavourful, and convenient snacking option. Experience the best of Australian beef jerky with Nive Beef – where quantity meets quality.