Flavour Profiles – just add your favourite drink

  • Pair Hot Chilli Beef Jerky with an Ice-cold Lager or a chilled black beer with a splash of Ginger wine
  • Enjoy our Thai Fusion Beef Jerky with a Light Shiraz, or a Spritzer flavoured water, to complement a fruitier flavour.
  • Nive Beef Jerky Original flavour is a clean light flavour best served with an ice-cold Ginger beer, Apple Cider or a Great Northern Beer.
  • The Heated Garlic gives you most flavour “bang for buck ” with a bold flavour – you’ll enjoy it with a full-bodied red wine, a Guinness, or an icy cold Coca Cola.

TELL US – YOUR FAVOURITES – What drinks, foods and activities do you and your friends enjoy pairing with Nive Beef Jerky?