Nive Beef Australian Jerky – The Best

Why is it so hard to find beef jerky that you love?

It has to do with how the industry works. Most producers are simply going for profit and volume, trying to sell as many products as possible to make returns for their shareholders.

It’s great for output. But when it comes to your tastebuds and values, it sucks. You’re not getting the quality you want.

A Better Approach To Crafting Beef Jerky

That’s where Nive Beef’s Australian jerky is different. For us, it’s not about selling as much as possible. It’s about doing it right. Our beef jerky is the product all connoisseurs want because it’s the best.

As a family business, we boost quality by exercising control over how we make beef jerky. Nive Beef brings every step of making beef jerky in-house, from farm to plate.

We could do what many brands do and become resellers, buying cheap from a producer and looking for opportunities to profit at the margins. But instead, we do everything ourselves. Our grass-fed cattle roam freely on our property, giving us complete control over how the animals live and eat. Traditional rearing techniques combined with control over the drying process and storage let us dictate the product you consume.

We didn’t have to choose this approach. But integrating every step from farm to plate means we can deliver a better jerky experience. Nothing is left to chance.

What Makes Our All-Australian Beef Jerky So Special?

Our paddock-to-plate business model allows us to create a sensational all-Australian beef jerky experience you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve spent decades refining our approach to create a product steeped in history and passion.

It started with the creation of a trademark secret family recipe. Grandma Nin and hardworking “Pop” made a delicious homemade gravy-based marinade for their beef, lamb and poultry farm. It was so delicious that they handed it down through the generations.

Nive Beef used this recipe in 2018 to create its first beef jerky. The traditional flavours worked beautifully with the meat to create a one-of-a-kind product. Now customers are enjoying it all over the world to improve their health and resilience.

But it goes beyond taste. As a family business, Nive Beef gives back to the community. We operate sustainable agricultural practices, taking care of the land for future generations. Our cattle work symbiotically with the environment, protecting it from decay.

How To Get Your Hands On Nive Beef Jerky

Nive Beef has become the gold standard for beef jerky for people looking for that all-Australian flavour they love. Our traditional family recipe and control over the production process make it unique.

To start your Nive Beef adventure, check out our online shop. Here, you can find our original jerky alongside our top new flavours, including Thai Fusion, Roasted Chilli and Heated Garlic.

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