Iconic Beers and Beef Jerky

perfect pairings beers with beef jerky

There’s nothing quite like the synergy between beer and food. Quite frankly, there’s nothing quite like discovering a perfect pairing that elevates your snack game to the next level – Iconic Australian beers and Nive beef jerky are a match made in heaven.

In truth, you’re unlikely to go too far wrong with any beer and Nive beef jerky pairing. Nevertheless, the right choice of beverage to accompany your snack will unlock your new favourite treat for chilled evenings alone and social gatherings alike. 

Why Beer And Beef Jerky Pairings Matter

Beer and beef jerky have been enjoyed together for centuries, but it’s not simply a case of sticking to traditions. When you discover the perfect pairing, you will;

  • Enhance the flavour of both products,
  • Create a more balanced and memorable snacking experience,
  • Impress guests with your display of excellence,
  • Make the experience feel more sophisticated,
  • Open the door to new taste combination testing.

Moreover, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your beef jerky snacks will delight the taste buds time and time again. Likewise, you should subsequently find that the beer-buying and jerky-buying experience is far less stressful.

Australia’s Wide Selection Of Beef Jerky Flavours & Beers

perfect pairings beers with beef jerky

Before looking at potential pairings, every jerky and beer enthusiast or culinary pairing novice must learn to appreciate the importance of choosing quality products. An inferior beer will detract from the jerky-tasting experience and vice versa. Thankfully, Australians aren’t short of great options.

Nive beef jerky is available in four unique taste profiles including Original, Heated Garlic, Roasted Chilli, and Thai Fusion. The collection gives you everything from the smoky tones of Original to the warming effect of the Roasted Chilli.

The wide selection of beef jerky taste profiles is further supported by Australia’s eclectic range of beer brands. Balter, Cooper, James Boag, James Squire, Resch’s, and Tooheys are just some of the candidates that deliver a premium taste that complements the meaty snack to perfection. 

Perfect Pairings: Beer & Beef Jerky

While you can have a lot of fun trying different taste combinations, familiarising yourself with some that work well is always advised. Here are four of the best:

Original Beef Jerky x James Boag Premium Lager

Nive Original flavour beef jerky is noted for its smoky notes that make it perfect for family BBQs and watching the big game. The full-bodied malt character of James Boag Premium Lager accompanies this to perfection. The robustness of the lager works exceptionally well with the intense beef flavour too.

It’s a classic beer taste and a classic meaty beef jerky. If you’ve been looking to bring the typical vision of beer and beef jerky to life, this is the winning combination.

Heated Garlic Beef Jerky x James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale

The Heated Garlic flavour is renowned for its intensity and needs the refreshing taste notes of fruity hops to create a balanced snacking experience. James Squire One Fifty Lashes pale ale is the ultimate choice as it brings passionfruit, grapefruit and citrus to the table. Combined with the jerky, it will pack a punch

It is an ideal combination for a chilled post-evening meal snack enjoyed alone or with a loved one. The 4.2% ABV rate means you can happily enjoy a handful of the beers too.

Hot n Spicy Beef Jerky x Coopers Sparkling Ale


The Hot n Spicy beef jerky is arguably the most powerful taste as there is a lot going on. As such, you need a robust beer that stands up to the spice without overwhelming it. Coopers Sparkling Ale is an ideal accompaniment for this reason. Its distinctive flavour is underpinned by a soft fruity taste that takes the edge off the spice.

It leaves you free to enjoy the beautiful tastes. Your mouth is sure to feel a little warmth, but it won’t be overwhelmed by the heat, which will deliver a far better taste experience. 

Roasted Chilli Beef Jerky x Balter XPA

Nive’s Roasted Chilli beef jerky boasts a deep flavour that requires a strong yet refreshing beer to provide balance. Balter XPA delivers tropical and floral hops for a wonderful contrast to the heat of the chilli. As with the Hot n Spicy pairing, this one allows you to enjoy the warmth without a need to reach for water. 

The Roasted Chilli beef jerky only needs to be consumed in small quantities for a satisfying experience, which is further supported by the Balter XPA. A truly perfect partnership.

Upgrading The Tasting Experience

Finding the perfect pairing will open the door to a phenomenal snacking experience, which can be very comforting. For the best results, though, you should take note of these tips on how to savour the flavour;

  • Avoid mixing alcoholic drinks, at least until your beef jerky has been consumed.
  • Likewise, do not eat other snacks like salted peanuts as this will impact your palate. 
  • Make note of the interplay of flavours and balance to find your best pairings.
  • Consider which pairing is best for the setting or dining experience.
  • Note that low alcohol ratios will reduce the spiciness of your jerky.

Finally, you must ensure that you have the right serving size for your intended needs. If you’re trying out new taste combinations for yourself, our 50g sample packs are ideal. Meanwhile, our 250g family packs are ideal for chilled evenings at home, not least because we are currently offering four bags for the price of three. Alternatively, if you are planning a party, the 1kg packs are just for you.

Enjoy The Great Taste Of Beef Jerky & Beer Today

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur about to add beef jerky to the equation or a long-term eater of the meaty snack, now is the time to take your game to the next level with the pairing above. 

And why not try experimenting with some pairings of your own? If you unearth a winning combo, let us know via our social media channels above.

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