• 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Beef Jerky

    Who doesn’t love a savory and mouth watering piece of beef jerky? It’s the perfect snack and go-to when you’re hungry and want to feel satisfied.

    You may have had it in the past or have been thinking about trying it again someday in the future. However, you might be unsure of how and when to go about eating it. In this case, review five ways to enjoy your beef jerky so you are happy you purchased it and can truly take pleasure in the experience of eating and snacking on this delicious food choice.


    1. Traveling & Long Road Trips

    One way to enjoy your beef jerky is when you’re traveling or are taking a long road trip. It’s easy to get hungry when you’re rushing around from airport to airport and flying. You need a snack you can depend on to fill you up. Also, you’ll want to have it along with you on long trips and if you want a healthy snack to travel with. Pack some jerky for the whole family to eat and enjoy as you travel. Not only have it along for the plane or car ride but also pack this high-energy snack to have with you on your travel adventures whether it be hiking, fishing, or camping.

    2. After A Long Day of Work

    Consider enjoying your beef jerky as a snack to have after a long and hard day of work. You may be so busy at your job that you don’t have a lot of time to eat and come home starving. Turn to beef jerky as a way to not only fill you up but also put a smile on your face as it hits your taste buds. After a big day of work, your go-to can be a cold drink as you nibble on some beef jerky and sit back and relax. It’s also a great food option to bring out and share with your family or even the workforce if you have to stay late as a group.

    3. Satisfy A Midnight Craving

    There are many times when you may all of sudden get very hungry just before going to bed. Therefore, another way to enjoy your beef jerky is to satisfy your midnight craving. When you have the midnight munchies then head straight to the pantry for some jerky. You’ll feel full quickly and will go to bed without having to deal with uncomfortable hunger pains. Be sure to stock up on a lot of it so that you always have a snack ready to go when your midnight cravings strike.

    4. Serve as an Appetizer

    You may be someone who likes to host and entertain or maybe you have visitors stop by often. It’s likely these people come over hungry and you want to have something tasty and filling to offer them. Consider putting out some beef jerky as you converse and have a drink or to serve as an appetizer before the main course. An evening event with friends and or family is a great opportunity to put the jerky out on a platter as an appetizer as the guests have a few cold refreshments before you serve the rest of the food. Purchase a mixture of flavours you can put out so that guests can choose depending on their personal preference and taste. On the flip side, if you’re heading off to a party then you can make sure you’re the party favourite by bringing a platter of Nive Beef Jerky with you to share.

    5. Put in Lunch Boxes for School

    Another way to enjoy your beef jerky is to put it in your kid’s lunch boxes during the week. If the majority of your meals are lunch boxes throughout the week then this is an easy, convenient, and nutritious option to put in their lunches that they can take with them to school. It’s not only a healthy choice but also a filling snack food to offer your children. Not only will your kids love it but it’s highly probable that their friends at school will be interested in it as well and want to know where you got it.


    These are some of the top and most ideal ways to enjoy your beef jerky. If you’re interested in stocking up on this product then you can check out our website for more details and place an order. Nive Beef Jerky offers luscious, moist full-bodied mouth-watering flavours to choose from. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have so please reach out if you need further assistance.

  • Is Beef Jerky Expensive?

    Introduction: What is beef jerky?

    Beef jerky is a popular, convenient snack. Jerky is a delicacy that dates back centuries. In the US, jerky originated from cowboys taking strips of meat off large animals. Rather than leaving meat on animals that were too big to consume in one go, strips of meat were taken from the carcass and hung to dry. The drying process prolonged the lifespan of the meat, creating a tasty, nutritious snack that cowboys could eat on the go weeks later. Today, beef jerky is a snack that appeals to a wide range of buyers, including backpackers, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, bodybuilders and anyone who loves the taste of beef jerky. Statistics suggest that the meat snack market is growing by over 30% per year in Australia (source). 

    As a meat product, people often assume that beef jerky is expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In this guide, we’ll discuss how affordable beef jerky is and highlight the potential benefits of adding beef jerky to your diet. 


    Is beef jerky expensive?

    Beef jerky is a meat product and as such, many people think of it as an expensive snack food. The truth is that beef jerky is not as cheap as other convenience foods, but it might not be as expensive as you think, especially if you consider value for money, rather than focusing solely on retail prices. Beef jerky is a nutritious, delicious, high-quality product, which comes in a range of flavours. Beef jerky enthusiasts also have the option to take advantage of multipacks and bulk buy packs, which lower the unit cost. Prices vary according to the brand and the size of the bag, but it is possible to find incredible offers and to save by buying large packs. A multipack of 8x30g bags of Nive Beef Jerky choose your own flavours will cost you $60. Bulk buy options include 1kg bags for $139.99 and 2kg bags for $259.99. 

    If you compare the price of beef jerky with other popular snacks, you may come to the conclusion that it is an expensive luxury. However, it’s important to consider the reasons why prices are relatively high compared to foods, such as biscuits, chocolate bars and potato snacks. Beef jerky is a nutrient-rich option, which not only represents a higher quality food but also requires more intensive, complex preparation. The ingredients are more expensive than potatoes, wheat, corn and nuts and the process of creating beef jerky products is costlier than preparing other popular snacks. Some companies also use leaner cuts of beef, which makes certain beef jerky products more expensive than others. 

    In addition to ingredients and preparation, the quantity of ingredients also impacts the price. The meat shrinks significantly during the drying process, which means that a lot of meat is required to make a relatively small serving. 

    The benefits of buying beef jerky

    Beef jerky is widely regarded as a nutritious snack. There are many reasons why people all over the world choose to buy beef jerky. In addition to the taste, beef jerky offers an array of health benefits, which include:

    • High protein content 
    • Low carbohydrate content
    • Rich in iron, zinc and copper
    • Source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, folate, choline, selenium, potassium, thiamine, magnesium, niacin and riboflavin

    Beef jerky’s nutrient content makes it a healthier and more nutritious choice than many other snack foods. The high protein and low carbohydrate values also mean that this is a food that caters to several different diets. 

    In addition to its health benefits, beef jerky is also very easy to transport and store and it has a long shelf-life. This makes it a fantastic choice for commuters, travellers, those who love to explore and camp out in the great outdoors, sports enthusiasts and people who like to have a full larder at home. 


    Beef jerky may have a reputation for being expensive, but there are ways to save on high-quality products and there are several benefits of buying a healthy, nutrient-rich snack. The ingredients used to make beef jerky are more expensive than those used to manufacture other popular snacks, the process is more complex and meat also shrinks. This means that costs are higher. Despite this, beef jerky is not an expensive snack, and it has many advantages, including a long shelf-life and a list of health benefits. 

  • How Long Does Beef Jerky Last?


    The meat snack market is growing, and it’s no surprise. Beef jerky is a convenient, healthy, delicious food to enjoy on the go. If you love beef jerky, or you’re new to the world of buying beef jerky, you may be wondering how long it keeps. In this handy guide, we’ll talk about how long beef jerky lasts, offer advice to help you make the most of your products and share tips to help you spot signs that your snacks may be past their best. 


    How long does beef jerky last?

    High-quality, commercial beef jerky doesn’t have an expiry date as such. The drying processes that are used to produce the best quality beef jerky are designed to enhance shelf-life and improve quality. Unlike many other foods, such as dairy products, there isn’t a specific expiry date for beef jerky products. Instead, providers offer a best before date, which encourages customers to consume the product within a time frame to ensure they enjoy optimum taste and freshness. 

    Typically, if you buy products such as Nive Beef Jerky, you will find a best before date on the pack, which will give you an idea of how long the product will last. After this date, the goods won’t spoil, but they may not be as fresh, which could impact the taste.

    It’s important to note that if you are making your own beef jerky at home, it will not last as long as products you buy from producers that use tried and tested methods to create the finest quality jerky. Homemade products will usually last a maximum of around 2 months. Most sealed, unopened commercial products should still taste good if they are consumed within 12 months. It is essential to make sure that you store the product in the refrigerator if you have opened the bag and you don’t want to eat it all in one go. If you’re keen to build up a store at home, you can freeze beef jerky for up to 12 months. 

    How can I tell if beef jerky is still fresh and safe to eat?

    There are a number of steps you can take to check if your beef jerky is still fresh and safe to eat. These include:

    1. Check the best before date on the product packaging
    2. Inspect the beef jerky and check the colour and texture. If the colour has changed or the beef jerky is hard, it may be past its best.
    3. Smell the product: beef jerky that is past the best before date may have a slightly unpleasant odour.
    4. Check the bag for tears and holes: there is a risk that products can lose freshness if the packaging is damaged. Check the bag or box for holes or tears before you start eating. If there are signs of damage, it’s possible that moisture might have got into the bag, which can shorten the lifespan of the product. 

    In most cases, if you have bought a good quality product, the best before date is an indicator of freshness. If you consume beef jerky before the date specified on the label, you’re getting it at its best. If you open a bag of beef jerky after the best before date, it probably won’t have spoiled, but it might not be as fresh and tasty. It’s always a good idea to check dates before you buy and to ensure that you consume the products in date order to make the most of your purchases. 

    If you have bought beef jerky from Nive Beef and you have any questions about best before or expiry dates or increasing and preserving freshness, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

    Tips to make beef jerky last longer

    When you buy beef jerky, check the best before dates before adding products to your basket and try to avoid storing bags of beef jerky in direct sunlight. Finding a cool, shady spot in your kitchen or pantry will help you to preserve the product for longer and enhance freshness. You can also freeze beef jerky to keep it for up to 12 months. 

    If you plan to make your own beef jerky, you can make it last longer by trimming the fat, curing the meat and leaving it to dry for the required time. Store it in a cool, dry place. 


    Beef jerky is a very popular snack. Part of its appeal is the fact that it has a long lifespan. Unlike many foods, beef jerky doesn’t have an expiry date as such. Instead, manufacturers and producers add a best before date, which encourages customers to enjoy the product while it is at its freshest and most delicious. 

  • Beef Jerky and Beer – A Favourite Combination

    Some things just go really well together. Cheese and wine, fish and chips, meat pies and footie, sausages, and democracy. There’s no denying that sometimes you find the perfect match and then it’s hard to imagine one without the other. It’s no secret that we’re a nation of beer lovers, despite our world-famous wine regions. And whenever there’s beer to drink, there has to be quality beer snacks to go alongside it. There are plenty of candidates, from nuts to pretzels, but there’s one snack that many will agree is the perfect pairing for beer: beef jerky.

    When you’re drinking beer, you typically want something salty to snack on. But you don’t just want a mouthful of salt – other flavours are essential too. Beef jerky is ideal if you’re looking for something that can give you plenty of flavour that you can use to soak up your beer. Whether you pick a “plain” original flavour beef jerky or you experiment with different flavours, you can find the perfect beer and jerky combination.


    Why Does Beef Jerky Work with Beer?

    Beef jerky goes well with beer for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s amazing to snack on. Anything that you can sit there and munch on, always wanting more, is a great choice if you want something to go with beer. Secondly, just like beer, beef jerky has a range of excellent flavours for you to try. No matter what type of beer you like, whether it’s lagers, pilsners, porters, or anything else, you can find a beef jerky to match it.

    Pairing Jerky and Beer

    Just like you can pair wine and cheese, you can have a lot of fun with beer and beef jerky pairings. You could simply choose any beer and any jerky that you like, and both will still taste good. But if you want to get more from your drink and your snack, the best thing to do is to carefully pair them to draw the flavours out of both. But where do you start?


    Original Jerky and Lager

    If you’ve chosen a simple, uncomplicated beef jerky, it goes well with a simple and uncomplicated beer. A lager or pilsner is a great choice if you want to make the most of your jerky. It allows both your beer and your beef jerky to play nicely together and avoid getting overtaken by the other.

    Citrus Flavours with IPA

    The hoppy, citrusy flavours of an IPA go well with beef jerky that has citrus flavours. Look for jerky that has flavours such as lemongrass, lemon and lime, or other citrusy tastes. The citrus flavours of both your beer and jerky will intertwine and enhance each other so you can get even more flavour from each of them.

    Spicy Flavours with Stout or Porters

    A spicy beef jerky is perfect for anyone looking for big flavours. Spicy snacks are ideal to pair with beer and can be great to go with a full, dry beer like a stout. The malty flavour of a stout still lets the spice come through thanks to its dry finish. 

    Smoky Flavours with Stout

    Stouts can also be great to pair with smoked beef jerky flavours. The coffee and caramel tastes of some stouts combine with the smoky flavour for an experience that’s like sitting out by the campfire.


    Beer and beef jerky is the perfect snack combination. Next time you’re getting ready for a big event or you just want to relax with a few beers, get your beer and beef jerky pairings lined up. Try experimenting with different flavours if you want to make the most of both some flavourful beers and some incredible beef jerky.