• Nive Beef Australian Jerky – The Best

    Nive Beef Australian Jerky – The Best

    Why is it so hard to find beef jerky that you love? It has to do with how the industry works. Most producers are simply going for profit and volume, trying to sell as many products as possible to make returns for their shareholders. It’s great for output. But when it comes to your tastebuds
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  • Satisfy Your Cravings

    Satisfy Your Cravings

    You could spend your Saturday morning driving to a farmer’s market to buy premium beef jerky, but why bother if you can get it from Nive Beef online? With us, you can order it from the comfort of your home and enjoy sensational flavours delivered in the mail. What’s more, you get a superior product.
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  • Time to Try Nive Beef?

    Time to Try Nive Beef?

    Beef jerky is one of those delicious snacks that everyone wishes they had more of. The meat and savoury flavour, the convenience, and even the protein content make it one of the best snacks around. It’s healthier than your average pack of chips, it lasts longer than any fruit or vegetable snack, and there are
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  • Is Beef Jerky a Suitable Gift?

    Is Beef Jerky a Suitable Gift?

    What are some of the worst wedding favours you’ve ever received? Struggling to remember? That would make sense, given that a lot of them just really aren’t that great. Whether it was a small tacky trinket or a coaster with the bride and groom printed on it, the favour was probably quite forgettable. But do
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