Is Beef Jerky a Suitable Gift?

What are some of the worst wedding favours you’ve ever received? Struggling to remember? That would make sense, given that a lot of them just really aren’t that great. Whether it was a small tacky trinket or a coaster with the bride and groom printed on it, the favour was probably quite forgettable.

But do you know what you wouldn’t forget if it was given as a wedding favour? Beef jerky.

Look, we appreciate all of the fancy nick-nacks that people hand out as wedding favours, but unless it’s something edible (or maybe drinkable) then it’s probably going to gather dust, or we might even forget about it and leave it somewhere at the wedding venue. The last thing you want is to see that little bespoke trinket being stepped on as your guests leave the venue. So instead, why not fill their bellies a little and give them something really tasty and unusual to remember?

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Isn’t beef jerky at a wedding unconventional?

Perhaps. It really depends on how you see it!

Unconventional and quirky usually isn’t a bad thing. It makes a wedding event more memorable and it does away with some of the tried and true traditions that never made sense anyway.

When it comes to wedding favours, more and more people are starting to prefer edible gifts. This is because the little trinket that you design specifically for the event and give to your guests probably isn’t as cool or useful as you think. People will probably struggle trying to find a use for it. Even if they take it home, it’s probably going to be gathering dust!

Weddings are all about celebrating the love and individuality of the bride and groom. If one of them decides “I want to give everyone 250g family packs of beef jerky” then it’s probably going to leave a much better impression and lasting memory than giving out a tea coaster or mini picture frame!

Why beef jerky does make a suitable gift for a wedding

Contrary to what you might think or what people have told you, beef jerky is actually a really good gift at a wedding–and here’s why:

Everyone loves beef jerky

Beef jerky is a delicious and timeless snack that has existed for hundreds of years. Whether your guests are meat lovers, beef enjoyers, health enthusiasts, or just really hungry, they’re sure to appreciate a big pack of beef jerky as a wedding favour. Well, unless they’re vegan or don’t eat beef.

Practical and portable

Beef jerky was literally designed to be practical and portable. It was originally a way to preserve meat to make it last longer, but they accidentally made it taste really good in the process, so that’s a win-win!

You can carry around a pack of beef jerky in your bag or pocket (if you have big pockets) and you can snack on it whenever. Even if you’re not in the mood for beef jerky at the wedding, you can save the pack for later because it’s not a perishable treat. Now who wouldn’t love such a thoughtful gift that is tasty and lasts forever?

Lots of different flavours

Original beef jerky flavours are loved by everyone, but you can always spice things up by bringing in lots of different flavours. From heated garlic to hot and spicy, beef jerky comes in a great range of wonderful flavours that will have your taste buds dancing.

In fact, why not just let your guests choose the flavours they want? They’ll probably grab a couple of packs because of how good the jerky is!

Surprisingly budget friendly

Weddings are already kind of expensive. There’s just so much to think about and so many expenses to consider that we can really appreciate it when there are savings to be made.

This is why we recommend ditching the bespoke nick-nacks and going for beef jerky instead! There’s nothing difficult about it either. Simply head over to Nive Beef (or another beef jerky brand that you like!) and buy some bulk jerky. There’s no need to design anything or wait for production times, and it’s so much cheaper than a custom trinket that most people will forget.

Beef jerky is great for all events–not just weddings!

Ever wanted to give away 250g family packs of beef jerky as a gift for random occasions? Don’t let anyone stop you!

Giving a big pack of beef jerky to someone will certainly put a smile on their face. Whether it’s for a birthday, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day, or even a wedding, beef jerky makes sense as a gift everywhere

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