Why Buy Beef Jerky Online?

why buy beef jerky online

Beef jerky is an essential snack to have at home. Ready to eat and rich in protein, it’s ideal for those looking for a healthy snack. 

What’s great about beef jerky is that it’s easily portable, the perfect snack to have on the move. Snack at your desk, on your way back from the gym, or when you’re sitting on the couch at home – it’s a top snack to have around. Beef jerky also benefits from long shelf life, so it’s ideal for buying in bulk so that you’re always stocked up.

While you can buy beef jerky from a number of places, there are a lot of great reasons to buy beef jerky online. Take a look at some of the benefits of buying your beef jerky online.

Why buy beef jerky?

Beef jerky has the rare quality of being both a healthy and tasty snack. It’s ideal for getting an extra protein hit and for keeping hunger at bay. Low in fat and carbohydrates, it’s suitable for a range of dietary needs and contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients too.

People love beef jerky because it tastes great, but it’s ideal for snacking on the move. It’s perfect for traveling, hiking, exploring, and for keeping on you for when hunger sets in.

Cut out the middle man, go straight to the seller

When you order jerky direct from Nive Beef, you’re able to cut out the middle man and enjoy a great price on your beef jerky. We know our products inside out, so we can provide recommendations, guarantees, and incredible pricing to make sure you’re buying quality beef jerky from a trusted source.

Our website is easy to use, so when you know what you want, you’ll be able to find it quickly and easily. 

Easy ordering for beef jerky delivered directly to your door

Making an online order for beef jerky is quick and convenient. No need to traipse to the store, you can have beef jerky delivered directly to your door. If you want to order in bulk, you can, saving you a lot of effort to get it into your car!

Shopping in-store for beef jerky could leave you disappointed if stock is low. When you order online, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s there and choose all of your favourite items. 

By buying beef jerky online, you can benefit from affordable and fast delivery. Order today and get your beef jerky order in no time – what’s more convenient than that?

Access to new and exclusive products

Buying directly from the manufacturer is a great way to shop the full range of products on offer. At Nive Beef, you’ll not only find our entire selection of products, but you can also benefit from exclusive bundles, flavours, and more. You can even choose your own flavour bundle to build your own combination.

Being able to shop all of your favourites in one place means you can enjoy the ultimate beef jerky mix, as well as try some new products with our sampler packs

Earn rewards

Want another good reason to shop directly with Nive Beef? When you buy products directly through our website, you will earn rewards! Our rewards system gives you points on every purchase you make, helping you earn discounts and more on future orders. With a 10-pack order, you’ll earn up to 9 points.

Support a great business

Buying directly from the manufacturer means you’ll be supporting a grateful independent business. Nive Beef is a family-owned business based at our farm, Nive Downs. Our jerky is produced from 100% Australian grass-fed, hormone-free Angus and Charolais fusion beef, made with incredible flavours, including Original, Heated Garlic, Thai Fusion and Hot & Spicy.

We’re extremely passionate about what we do, raising our hormone-free cattle with low-stress techniques, making welfare and quality a priority. Our products speak for themselves, with 100% hand-cut beef with an incredible flavour that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Buy beef jerky online from Nive Beef

Buy beef jerky online from Nive Beef to enjoy high-quality, tasty beef jerky delivered directly to your door. We provide incredible customer service, great pricing and a range of flavours and product sizes to cater for every need. 
Visit our online store and buy beef jerky from Nive Beef today.