The Aussie Pack !

Celebrate the best of Oz with your Mates !! We love our wide brown country! Celebrate with Nive Beef Jerky!

Doug’s Australia Day BBQ suggestion
Pick up prime beef cuts from your local butcher, marinate with a bold, smoky barbecue sauce. Have your favourite Aussie pale ale beer or chardonnay chilling in the fridge and pair it with Nive Beef Jerky to share with your mates on Australia Day, or any Sunday arvo!

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Support your Favourite Aussie Farmer with “The Aussie Pack”

• 8 packets x 30g packets ( 2 of each mouth-watering flavour )
• 2 stubby coolers
• 1 Cooler Bag + Flag
From our paddock to your plate JUST $64.99 – Order at