10 Pack (30g packets)

10 Pack (30g packets) of Premium Beef Jerky, with 4 Flavours to choose from. Shop with Nive Beef today. Directly from the Outback. 


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Heated Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Original, Thai Fusion

For an authentic taste of Australia, you will struggle to find better than Nive Beef Jerky. Air-dried in our own station, our beef jerky delivers supreme flavour and texture at an affordable price. Coming in snack-size 30g packets, this box of 10 ensures that there is plenty of jerky for the entire family. It is time to give your tastebuds a real treat!

  • 10 packs of our premium grass-fed Australian beef
  • Choose from four different flavors: Original, Heated Garlic, Hot & Spicy, and Thai Fusion
  • Each pack is 30g
  • Made in Queensland, Australia
  • Delicious, affordable, and made with care

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