Old family recipe, brand new website!


Did you know ?? So you’re an avid Beef Jerky Fan, especially of Australian Beef Jerky? Let’s test your knowledge – just a little …

• What are the 4 different NIVE BEEF JERKY flavours?
• Name just one health benefit ( there are many ! )
• Where did the original recipe come from ??

Playing Tennis at Nive Downs Circa 1910 even then healthy eating meant fit people

The Way It Should Be
Paddock to Plate – Nive Beef Jerky is created on a cattle property, situated in the heart of the Augathella grazing district of Queensland. We believe by using a quality fusion of grass-fed, no added hormone beef for superior flavour, followed by our unique family recipe handed down for generations, marination and drying process, we have created an authentic jerky reminiscent of days gone by.

These unique blends of flavours originated from a beef gravy recipe that has been passed down in our family for generations. It pairs the rich flavours of soy and a blend of spices creating a full-bodied explosion of taste. All this with premium, hand-crafted, Australian grass-fed beef strips, slowly dried, to capture those distinctive flavours just “the way it should be”.

We’re proud to bring you a new easy-to-use and easy-to-order website with just a bit of our story included. Thank you for supporting an outback family, The Camerons. https://nivebeef.com.au Your 15% DISCOUNT CODENEWLAUNCH