Garry brings Nive Beef Jerky to Young Hotel, NSW

Garry brings Nive Beef Jerky to Young Hotel, NSW

Remember Victor Kiam, the man who said he liked Remington razors so much that he bought the company?

Garry Cummins is a bit like that. He tasted some Nive Beef Jerky. Loved it so much, he bought 44 packets for his Hotel – @The Young Hotel in Lynch St, Young New South Wales.

Young is glorious, the Cherry Capital of Australia. Just 4 hours from Sydney, and 2 hours from Canberra. Orchards, vineyards, delicious gourmet dining and pub grub … good old fashioned country cooking grown and raised locally, paddock to plate, just like @ Nive Beef Jerky!

After you’ve enjoyed this mouth-watering treat with a crisp coldie at Garry’s Young Hotel, book-end it by following the chocoholics to Poppas Fudge Factory. Hundreds of buses stop there every week.

Once you’re energised with this delicious low-fat, low-carb all Aussie Beef Jerky from Outback Queensland, Garry may even have you join his join his Darts, Basketball or Cricket team!

If you can’t get to see Garry at the Young Hotel, order some here

See more of Young NSW here –

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