How to Identify High-Quality Beef Jerky When Shopping Online

Discover what to look out for when searching online for high-quality beef jerky.

With the rise in more health-conscious ways of eating including Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore diets to name but a few, many more providers are offering beef jerky to their online customers. It makes perfect sense too, as jerky is a great high-protein, low-carb, low-fat delicious food that is great on the go as a snack, after the gym, or on a hike, as well as part of a larger meal.

Unfortunately, with so many providers offering jerky online, you can’t always be sure of what you are eating. Some providers use low-quality meat, and some even use additives that can detract from the health benefits of eating jerky. The good news is there is a way to find the highest-quality beef jerky that is available for sale online. All you need to do is check out our expert written guide below.

Look For Jerky Crafted From Premium Whole Cuts of Real Meat

First of all, when determining whether jerky sold online is high quality, you must look for providers that craft their product from real cuts of high-grade meat.

Of course, quality is at the heart of everything we do here at Nive Beef Jerky. We offer only premium cuts of real meat slowly marinated and then dried for a melt-in-the-mouth texture and outstanding taste.

Look for Jerky With No Additives

Next, if it’s high-quality jerky you’re after then you’ll need to find a product with no additives.

The good news is that here at Nive Jerky, we also pride ourselves on using only ever the best natural ingredients in our jerky and signature marinades. This means our jerky is carefully crafted from 100% real whole pieces of high-quality meat from our farm, with never any filler. That way our customers can always be sure of what they are eating, as well as know they are in for the best flavour and quality possible.

Look For A Jerky Provider That Offers A Range Of Flavours

Another quality indicator for the best beef jerky online is that the producer offers a range of flavours. After all, having more than one flavour to choose from can add a lot to the experience of eating jerky whether as a snack, or part of a bigger meal.

At Nive Jerky we couldn’t agree more with this, and that is why we’ve come up with five delicious flavours for our customers to choose from, including:

Heated Garlic

The first of these is our delicious heated garlic beef jerky flavour. Mouthwateringly savory with just a hint of heat, our heated garlic beef jerky is perfect as a snack, or as part of your next charcuterie board display.

Hot & Spicy

For heat lovers, our hot and spicy premium beef jerky hits just right. Expect a combination of heat, and robust meaty flavours in this satisfying snack.

Original Flavor

For those looking for a high-quality beef jerky that is not spicy, we have our classic and popular original flavour. The unique taste of this version of our jerky comes from our delicious slow marinade.

Roasted Chilli

Chilli slow-roasted to release a rounder and smokier flavour, while still providing a little zing of heat, our roasted chilli flavour is a joy to eat alone, or combined with cheese.

Thai Fusion

Our most complex beef jerky flavour, Thai Fusion blends sweet, sour, and spice, to transport you to an exotic land.

Look For A Range Of Size Options

Here at Nive, we offer a range of packet sizes for our premium beef jerky.

Want to try one or all of our delicious flavours before you invest? No problem, as we offer 30g trial bags. Need more for your next charcuterie evening? Why not try out 50g bags? Then there are our family-size bags which weigh in at 250g, offering plenty of high-quality snacking for everyone. Lastly, we also supply our premium jerky in bulk bags of 1KG and 2KG which are perfect for the customer looking to integrate our low-carb, high-protein, high-quality jerky into their day-to-day diet.

Find A Premium Jerky Provider That Is A Family Run Business

The team at Nive Beef Jerky also know that a family-run business is an excellent sign when it comes to quality. After all, it’s our small family beef cattle production business located in Augathella in southwestern Queensland that supplies the 100% real cuts of whole meat we use to craft our delicious premium jerky.

The reviews never lie

Last, of all, a good indicator of a high-quality online jerky provider is the quality of their customer reviews.

Happily here at Nive Jerky, we have some pretty excited customers who want nothing more than to share their positive experience with the world including:

Eva Marton of Keto Lane says:

“At Keto Lane, you guys know we love your jerky because it’s super tasty and has the right dryness.”

Grant Arthur, Strava Ride says:

“Niva Beef Jerky makes it possible for me to have enough energy through a long ride.”

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