Serve up the TASTE OF AUSTRALIA to your customers. Nive Beef Jerky is a quality product, delivered to you promptly and efficiently. Retailers enjoy high turnover with our products.

Retail and online prices are the same – we support our family of local distributors. There is no GST applicable

NIVE BEEF JERKY has full-bodied mouth-watering flavours, bursting with All-Australian country flavour, created from premium, hand-crafted, grass-fed beef strips, and slowly dried, to capture Nive Beef Jerky’s four authentic and distinctive flavours.  Created on our cattle property” Nive Downs”  situated in Outback Queensland, we are proud to bring you a unique blend of flavours that has been passed down in our family for generations.

Email us with your interest, and we will send you samples to taste.  You’ll fall in love with it too.


• Paddock to packet. Small family business oversees and has control over the entire process.
• Good potential for impulse purchases.
• Professional quality packaging.
• Australian owned and made. Australian made sentiment has never been stronger and no interruption to supply.
• Alternative healthy snack food product.
• All-natural; Hormone-Free; No preservatives; Low fat and low carb, Keto dietary food. – There is high growth in protein snacks in Australia.

Marketing ; 

The Nive Beef Jerky Story is a great story, and we market the products well and consistently. and can support you in your local area marketing.

Community engagement and involvement – we involve the Endeavour Foundation in our quality-controlled packaging process and support many worthwhile local projects.

Packaging ;

We offer a premium jerky product and our packaging reflects that. Our customers are quite discerning. They want a quality product that is produced ethically and is good for them. As an added bonus they can feel good about supporting an Australian family business. Our 50g packet is twice that of most jerky brands so it’s better value for money.

Our Retailers include ;

We’ve had a lot of support from hotels and butchers in western Queensland. In the cities, we are stocked by boutique breweries, premium butchers and grocers, health shops, sporting facilities and farmers markets. You’ll find Nive Beef Jerky in a whole range of outlets including ;

Butchers – customers love the true meat flavours
Hotel patrons enjoy a cold refreshing beverage with Nive Beef Jerky
Many Stores stock our jerky as it’s so easy – a no chill, long shelf life, healthy snack.
Grocery Stores find their customers use Nive Beef Jerky in lunch boxes and when entertaining.
Cafes, Service Stations, Truckstops and Tourist centres are proud to range our products.

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